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Cappy Cafe/Bar では、公共の場で英会話をすることによって、気軽に、よりリラックスした状態でレッスンすることができます。旅行先で、飲食店に入って注文したり、店員さんとのやりとりなどの実践的な練習もできます。こちらも、マンツーマンでもいいですし、お友達などを誘ってグループレッスンすることも可能です。話す内容は、どんなことでも構いません。友達同士のように、お茶やお酒を楽しみながら英会話も楽しみましょう!

Cappy Academyでの通常のレッスンでは、ホワイトボードを使って行いますので、文法などに焦点をあてた内容になります。カフェやバーでレッスンすることで、よりローカルなネイティブが話すような会話の練習ができるでしょう。もちろん、新しい言葉や言葉の使い回し、ことわざなどをメモすることがあるのでノートなどを持参してください。


Available times:

Cappy Cafe

9 am ~ 7 pm

Cappy Bar

8.30 pm ~ 11 pm


 We will have handpicked topics every week ranging from:

  1. News from all around the world.

  2. Inspiring stories and tough decisions.

  3. Ideologies varying greatly from what the norm is in Japan.

  4. Along with anything interesting the students wish to dive into.

Cappy Cafe/Bar comes with two different options

1 on 1 Cappy Cafe/bar

This is similar to your Main lesson over at our main classroom in Tenjin, but with a heavier focus on expressing yourself and holding a discussion. Obviously I’ll step in and correct you as well as adding suggestions to your vocabulary - but this is your time to shine and get more comfortable expressing yourself.

You will have the option to select your own Cafe/Bar in the Tenjin/Hakata/Higashi-Ku area area when Booking if you so wish.

Group Cappy Cafe/bar

Sitting down in a group with up to 6 people can sound frightening, but it’s actually quite the opposite. You will be surrounded by likeminded individuals striving to improve their English. We will sit down as a group, discuss a topic or two and my job will be to try and get the most out of each and every participant and show you ways to express yourself. Ask questions, disagree with others and develop the skills necessary to communicate properly with other people in English. You’ve got to try it.

Make sure to check out our main website and announcements on Instragram to see when we are doing our next group sessions!

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to call us our contact us on our contact page.