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Dig deeper covers examples brought up in the classroom as well as interesting ones found over on r/EnglishLearning - in a short 5 minutes!

The usage of “For sure” - what sounds natural?
— Reddit user

For sure is most commonly used as an answer where you wish to reassure someone that you are certain.

Do you think it will rain today?

For sure. Look at those clouds!

Phew, we had just enough money to buy all our groceries. Let’s bring more next time.

That’s for sure. I would not want to be at the cashier without money.

Do not go back to that guy again. He will definitely cheat on you again for sure.

Words with similar meaning: Certainly - Surely - Definitely - Most certainly

What about the use of the word “Excuse”? How can we use this?

You’ll have to excuse me, I need to use the bathroom.

Most certainly, go ahead.

Excuse my boyfriend, he has had too much to drink.

That’s for sure.

Excuse me, coming through!

There’s no excuse. You need to pay your rent on time.

We can apply this word both to apologise for inconvenience, but also to stress necessity - that you must do something.

You guys”. This one usually confuses non natives, especially if they haven’t used it themselves.

Generally it won’t be referring to multiple of guys, but instead, it’s an expression referring to two or more people. It could be.. 3 guys and 3 girls, 2 girls, 1 guy and 1 girl and so on and forth. So a simple way to address a group of people is “You guys”.

Two people enter a room.

Hey guys!

Will you guys stay for long tonight?

No sorry, we have plans early in the morning tomorrow.

Would you guys mind sharing a bottle of red wine?

Not at all, go ahead.

You guys are being too loud! Could you quiet down please?