Dig deeper with English 2

Dig deeper covers examples brought up in the classroom as well as interesting ones found over on r/EnglishLearning - in a short 5 minutes!

Is the sentence below correct?
I cannot change people. So either accept or leave.
— Reddit user

The phrase used here is “Either take it or leave it” - speaking of acceptance of a situation. But the key thing missing in the above example is what is being talked about.

I’ll give you 50$ for it.

The price is 60$. Either take it or leave it.

Check it / check with it / check it out - what’s the difference and how is it used?

Can you tell me when my meeting is tomorrow?

Sure, I’ll check it.

Often referring to verifying information or things happening.

Could you see what the difference is between the S10 and the S10 Plus?

Sure thing, I’ll check with them and see what’s different.

Generally used for comparisons when trying to find out differences.

Yo you need to see this movie! It’s amazing!

Sounds great! I’ll check it out!

Usually used to either request that someone finds out more about a topic, or verifying that you will look something up.

“A couple of..” is it referring to just two of something? “A couple of minutes = two minutes?”

While couple is referring to two, it’s often used to refer to a bunch more often than not - and not strictly used for the amount/number two.

Hey can you grab a couple of things from the store?

Sure, what do you need? A couple of drinks?

How long will you be?

Not long, just a couple of more minutes. Please hold on!

Have you ever been to Paris?

Yeah a couple of times. I’d like to go again.

Those two really do make a great couple together.

Yes! They definitely compliment each other.