Must watch: The Could've-Gone-All-the-Way Committee


The Could've-Gone-All-the-Way Committee

Available here on Netflix.

Also known as: Yaretakamo Iinkai 

The premise of this show is quite simple yet very unique. Everyone goes through life hitting certain crossroads where, if we had done something differently or simply had the courage to speak up - we could have gone all the way.

It’s up to the three judges of the The Could've-Gone-All-the-Way Committee to listen to each case and consider all circumstances and details.

Let’s say you have that one magical night out. You left home to meet up with some friends for a couple of drinks with little to no expectations of where the evening may take you. But then something unusual happens. You stumble into a situation, perhaps a person that wisps you away and all of the sudden you forget about your friends. The only thing that matters is this moment in time and everything is perfect - until it isn’t.

You say the wrong thing, or more commonly, you say nothing at all when it truly matters.

.. and just like that, you’re left with that one moment that got away. That moment that could have ended very differently if the circumstances were in your favour. These are the moments the committee deals with, dissects and try to understand if there was a chance of it ever working out.

“Hindsight is 20-20” is a famous English saying which ultimately communicates that it’s easy to look back, in hindsight, knowing what you should or shouldn’t have done. Sadly, knowing the answer after the fact doesn’t change the out come but it does leave each and every person with one key advantage - the chance to learn from that experience.

The message behind the show teaches both the person in front of the committee as well as the viewer that looking back on past events won’t change what happened, but it can be a relief and almost therapeutic to get a definite answer of what could have been. It makes you think, ponder and consider your own past events and what could have gone differently in your own life.

Funny, relatable and highly recommended.