To give you an idea what we will cover..

We will cover everything from news stories around the world, norms of the western world as well as things relevant to home here in Japan. There are no right or wrong answers here, and it’s an open space for everyone to express themselves and get some guidance on how to do so along the way.

We have two different approaches to Cappy Cafe:

1 on 1 sit-downs

These are somewhat similar to the Main lessons you will find at our main classroom at Tenjin. The main difference here is that we will focus on one or two topics, how to express ourselves surrounding it and get much better at expressing yourself and ask questions.

Group engagements

We will discuss various topics and I will try to find ways to express yourself in various ways. It’s a fun and engaging way to be part of a discussion with others also willing to enhance their English. There’s no need to worry about differences in skill level because everyone is here to learn - so you may just pick up a good expression or idiom from one of the other participants. That’s the beauty of sitting down, discussing and collaborating as like minded individuals.